Dewy Skin De-mystified (hint: it's all about SKIN CARE!)

I was first introduced to dewy, glossy skin a few years back by a Korean soap opera a friend told me about (My Love from the Stars). I remember the female lead had this gorgeous, glowing skin that just gleamed and captured light in a subtle but impactful way (see photo below). I was instantly obsessed with trying to recreate the look, all to no avail. Finally, after trial and error with a variety of products, I think I've got it figured out. It's all about SKIN CARE!! As lovely as highlighters and light reflective primers can be,  nothing makes that glowy sheen on the skin quite like properly applied skin care products that prep the skin before any makeup even goes on. Today I'm going to share with you the products and step by step process I've found to create that covetable, expensive looking, dewy skin. (Disclaimer: no products in this post is sponsored in any way. I used my own money and time to work out what worked and what didn't.)

Jun Ji-Hyun, the leading lady of My Love from the Stars. Watch it! 

Jun Ji-Hyun, the leading lady of My Love from the Stars. Watch it! 

I'd like to say that it only takes one great moisturizer to get this level of glow, but that would be a lie. Prepare yourself because the products needed for next level dewy-ness are not few... Here are the top performers (in my opinion) to achieve the look: 

(SIDE NOTE: If you have oily skin, you may want to substitute the toner and moisturizer products to something better suited to your skin type)

Yes, it's a crazy amount of products and steps, but if you're looking for the holy grail of glowing, hyper-real skin, these products will get you there. I suggest hitting your favorite makeup retailer (I like Sephora) for a few samples of these products or comparable alternatives, and watching them transform your makeup look! To finish out the dewy skin look, follow this skincare regimen with your favorite bb cushion, tinted moisturizer, or other illuminating foundation. Cheers!



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