EDITORIAL: fresh flower festival makeup

In honor of the fast approaching season of music festivals and fairs, I'm sharing a collection of photos from a recent beauty editorial shoot. I used all fresh flowers to create two different looks on my lovely model, Ephrata. 


a few pointers if you'd like to recreate the look

-I used Clear Duo Lash Adhesive to attach the flowers to Ephrata's face. It's non-toxic and easily washes away with makeup remover

-Wax Flower and Baby's Breath are some of the fresh flowers I used. They are inexpensive and quite easy to find. Check the floral dept. at most grocery stores. 

-Keep the makeup simple. I opted for glossy, shimmery cream eyeshadows with minimal mascara and a pop of color on the lips. More makeup makes the feeling less bohemian.

Have fun with the look!

Photographer: Kim Marcelo

Stylist: Kat Ward

Model: Ephrata

Makeup by Riley Chou

Riley ChouComment