3 Brands to Freshen Your Closet RN

Not sure about you, but around this time every year I open my closet and think to myself 'I hate every single thing in here'. If January style slump seems like a term that is relatable AF to you as well, read on for 3 female-led brands that will have you feeling like sunshine in no time. 

ACT 1: Bryr Clogs 

 images via bryrstudio.com

images via bryrstudio.com

This not-so-little footwear brand based in San Francisco puts all of my favorites things into their clogs: quality, simplicity, and California cool. Pair them with literally ANYTHING to take your entire outfit to heights you never thought possible. 

find them on instagram @bryrclogs 

TIP: All clogs are made to order so plan on approx. 30 days before you can slip your toes into your new pair. 


 images via jessekamm.com

images via jessekamm.com

If you don't mind a bit of an investment piece, Jesse Kamm pants might just save your (wardrobe's) life. Easy silhouettes in the colors of the rainbow make getting yourself dressed and out the door fun again. And if you're wondering about quality, each piece is designed and crafted in California.

for more 'kammpants' see instagram @jessekamm



If painterly prints and embroidered basics are more your speed, perhaps you'd be interested in Spanish brand, Paloma Wool. Her statement making tees and quirky-cool pullovers will bring a bit of personality to any drab January closet.  And the Frida Kahlo vibes of the current lineup won't hurt either. 

see more of Paloma Wool on instagram @palomawool

There you have it, friends. 3 cool-girl brands to kick that nasty style slump INSTANTLY! I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I have. 

signing off,

xx Riley


EDITORIAL: modern minimalism (photo series)

clean lines. simple color theory. fresh face. 

syd - nyC.png

hair + makeup: Riley Chou model: Jessie Blackburn of No Ties Model Management

photography: Kim Marcelo wardrobe + styling: Melissa Tablante

thanks for viewing!

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xx Riley

STATEMENT + STYLE: beauty and fashion pairings feat. Melissa Tablante

This week we've got wardrobe stylist Melissa Tablante in the house! (insert rasing-the-roof dance move)  With her experience in editorial styling, personal shopping and wardrobe planning, this gal knows a thing or two about bringing high end fashion to the high street.

Today she's paired 5 of her favorite wardrobe ensembles with some of our best statement makeup looks of the season.

 Scroll on to get Melissa's expert advice on nailing your look, head to toe!


We do hope you've enjoyed the gallery! Don't forget to leave a comment below for what you'd like to see next!

xx Riley

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EDITORIAL: Frenchifornian

a recent photo series featuring Parisian stylings with a California twist.



model: Courtney Scofield of No Ties Managment

wardrobe + styling: Suzy Lee

photography: Kim Marcelo


hair + makeup: Riley Chou

thanks for viewing!

xx riley

EDITORIAL: bree color stories

a collection of images from a recent fashion project. 2 beauty looks styled in 4 different arrangements and color stories

model: Breanna Brommer wardrobe + styling: Melissa Tablante photography: Kim Marcelo

makeup direction + artistry: Riley Chou

color story:

mixed mediums

chunky knits, silky shifts, muted tones



color story: athleisure

the chicest girl in the super market. 

color story:

the 70s today 


the millennial's nod to the disco era. made current with minimalist silhouettes and an unexpected pop of color. 


color story:

grey two ways

white washed in a light weight knit and gleaming in a sequined skirt.

hope you've enjoyed the looks!

xx riley 

Glowing Bride - 5 tips for perfect 'big day' skin

If you're one of the many lovebirds getting married this summer, you might be wondering what you can do to get your skin to it's ultimate glow level before the big day. Whether you have six months or six weeks until wedding bells ring, I've got you covered with 5 tips to get your skin right and looking it's best. See below for more!


The sooner you jumpstart your skincare regimen, the better shape you'll be in come wedding day. If possible, give yourself 3-6 months to trial-and-error until you land on the best routine for your skin. If you don't have that kind of time, not to worry- these tips will still be useful and get you results!


If you don't have a favorite spa or esthetician, girl it's time to find one! A good facial will include deep cleansing, brightening treatments, and extraction of clogged pores. These targeted treatments will get your skin re-hydrated and radiant in no time. Make sure to give your skin some recovery time post facial-- preferably 5-7 days before any special events. Keeping your facials on 30-day intervals syncs with your natural cell-turnover rate and will maintain results longer-term. 


The key to results is consistency. Get yourself on a daily skincare routine that suits your exact skin needs. A little online research (check out peachandlily.com)  or trip to a reputable retailer (I like Sephora) will get the right products in your hands. Most regimens should involve cleansing, exfoliating, treatment, and hydration. Once you've found your favorites, stick to them! (I've written a blog post on a few of my personal faves. check it out here


By now you've probably heard how important it is to protect your skin with sun block to prevent skin cancer and other health risks. Not only that, but sun exposure also leads to breakdown in collagen and elastane, hyper pigmentation (dark spots), and loss of hydration. Do yourself (and your makeup artist) a favor and avoid these issues by simply wearing sunblock, reapplying regularly, and throwing a hat on for extended exposure. Your skin will thank you in the long run! If you need a tan right now, opt for a sunless option like St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Face Lotion.


What you feed into your body is just as important as the products you apply to the outside. To maximize skin elasticity, boost collagen,  and increase overall even tone and brightness, a healthy diet is absolutely necessary. This includes eating foods high in anti-oxidants (almond butter, sweet potato, carrots), rich in fatty acids (walnuts, fish, chia, flaxseed) and full of Vitamin-C (citrus fruits, kale, strawberries). Drinking plenty of water on a daily basis will also keep cellular turnover at it's peak functionality and can prevent patchy dry spots on skin. The beauty benefits are nice, but the extra energy and overall well being makes it all worthwhile. 

I do hope these tips will lead you down a path to health and lovely skin! And to those of you getting married this season I wish you happiness!!

xx Riley